Welcome to Mio Fertility Clinic



Welcome to Mio Fertility Clinic



This homepage will explain Mio Fertility Clinic, which has been established with a new conception focusing on heartfelt infertility treatment and maternity care, through birth.

Oct 14th in 2003, We newly constructed the additional building called Reproductive Unit which is for those who have a problem with their infertility. And the other building where we used to have a consultation turned over as a Maternity Unit which is for those who need a check-ups on their pregnancy and have a gynecologic & obstetrical problems. When you come into our Clinic, you may see that Reproductive unit is on your left side and Maternity Unit is on your right side.

We definitely make a further effort to provide high quality service to you.

Through our web site, we always welcome your mail about any health matter. If you have any questions or would like more information about infertility treatment or psychosomatic internal medicine, please feel free to contact us. E-mail us at mio@mfc.or.jp